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This result also demonstrates the relevance of social disorganisation theory adopted for this study.
Part 2 explores disorganisation in relation to trauma and unresolved loss, with a detailed explanation of the importance of the emerging concepts of reflective function and mentalisation and their differences.
Yorkadji also observed disorganisation in the National Guard's armaments storage facility.
"Staff have now endured over two years of immense frustration as they have tried to deal with serious disorganisation, confusion and lack of focus."
These can be behavioural problems, poor concentration, poor social skills, disorganisation, mood swings, a poor sense of danger and specific learning difficulties.
Qadhafi's regime has often been described as a "state of organised disorganisation".
The four candidates are the privately-owned Jordan and Sauber plus BAR-Honda and Jaguar, owned by Ford - the car giant which is upset at the sport's long-running disorganisation.
Samoa cashed in on England's disorganisation and frequent errors but were undone at the end, and it is hard to see the Springboks slipping up in such a basic way.
All of this largely points to disorganisation within the decision-making process.
The author said she had joined NI21 because she thought she had found her political home, but soon became disillusioned by the party's disorganisation and lack of experience.
A teenager, not very worldly wise, was left floundering because of inaccurate instructions and disorganisation.
It's got everything: unpredictability, sex, fighting, cute babies, bats and best of all, a big dollop of disorganisation.