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The application of the concept of disorganisation through a four-day training in this challenging context is both very important and positive.
Staff have now endured over two years of immense frustration as they have tried to deal with serious disorganisation, confusion and lack of focus.
Blown asunder: dissolution, disorganisation and dislocation of collective organisation, 2000-2007;
ADHD is a sort of problem of disorganisation in children,' said Professor Eric Taylor, a child and adolescent psychiatrist with the Institute of Psychiatry.
It's tremendous disorganisation since the Government wants more people to vote.
The book Judges chronicles the period of disorganisation and discord in Israel after the death of Joshua.
They discovered that disorganisation and chaos had an impact on mental skills that was unconnected to social background.
There will be helpful hints and tips on how they and their children can cope with the disorganisation of being dyslexic, as well as the emotional side of being dyslexic.
It's an outrageous piece of organisation - or disorganisation - by Channel Four.
They like strict teachers - not teachers who are strict to make up for their own disorganisation, but teachers who are strict because they can achieve more.
Sam Dickinson and Lyon were superb for the winners, but it was hard to put the result into context given the state of disorganisation of the opposition.