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Windows into staff psychology Desktop with icons strewn across the screen - the owner is disorganised and tends to lose focus easily.
Desktop with many rows of icons - reflects a person who needs everything to hand, likes to feel in control and on top of their life, while at the same time revealing a tendency to be slightly disorganised.
DISORGANISED Britons miss holiday flights by turning up at the airport on the wrong day or standing in the wrong check-in queue.
20per cent said lack of time was the reason they were disorganised travellers, 32per cent said they had other priorities, and 9per cent simply admitted to being forgetful.
The centre was full of dog muck, litter, badly cracked pavements and a disorganised chaos of cheap and ill-fitting shopping malls.
But he's nervous about his next assignment - organising a tour for a girlband - explaining: "I'm simply the most disorganised man alive.
The queues are ridiculous, the weather is unpredictable and it's disorganised chaos.
Poor money management on the part of the disorganised and the spendthrift means that many are forced to miss out on snacks, morning coffee and celebrity gossip.
A further one in four simply didn't have cash in their pocket or purse because they were disorganised.
A SENIOR cancer specialist yesterday branded the Irish health service as disorganised letters on a scrabble board.
I burst more blood vessels trying to track down missing parcels with downright disorganised and disinterested courier companies than I ever did in a check-out queue.
SCOTLAND'S World Cup opponents Brazil were last night branded disorganised and overrated.