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Research on social disorganization gives compelling evidence that individual and collective value systems resist opposing influences.
The disorganization was crucial to the outcome, as it enabled the Army of Fairfax and Cromwell to deal piecemeal with the military rebels in South Wales, the southeastern localists at Maidstone and Colchester, the Scots at Preston, and with a dozen other lesser outbreaks, few of which showed any signs of coordination with the others.
Parishes looking for a way to combat the disorganization of inner-city life and their people's lack of power have turned to community organization.
The appeal made by radical religious forces to "family values," early American colonial religion, and a harmonious Christian nation with government-sponsored religion has a certain appeal to those who are frustrated by the crime, social disorganization, and division in our society, and by despised minority groups wanting equal protection under the law.
In some scenes bodies fly and spin through the air, a wash of kinetic disorganization. Occasionally someone has a fit.
In The Agenda we have David Gergen often seeming troubled about signs of partisanship and disorganization in the Clinton White House.
Two-thirds of the deficit patients received initial clinical ratings of substantial thought disorganization or bizarre behavior, compared with one-third of their nondeficit counterparts, Fenton and McGlashan contend.
Also, the paranoid disorders seem to cause less disorganization of the personality and disruptions in social and family life.
This initiative intends to sensitize the plenary to provide the country with increasingly effective legal instruments to fight against one of the greatest social scourges in the archipelago, responsible for various disorders such as accidents, gender-based violence, family disorganization, Finally.
Fried of Organizational Consulting Services has earned a Certificate of Study in Life Transitions from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD).
Both working with criminological theories and how they relate to empirical studies, Pauwels brings a background in social disorganization theory and juvenile delinquency, and Hardyns brings background on collective efficacy theory to the study of problematic youth groups of all kinds--often referred to as street gangs.
The economic disorganization and the weakness of the European Union do not result from inevitable consequences of globalization or from insufficient adjustment to external changes, argues Huffschmid (political economy and economic policy, U.