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Fuller's Disoriented Express, suspense speeds into the station as Wishbone(TM), Joe and his friends attend a murder- mystery weekend fundraiser on the Zenith Condor, a 1930s train which was once used by smugglers.
The impact of this type of planning and attention to interior design can make all the difference to a disoriented and anxious resident trying to acclimate to a new setting.
When they arrived at the residence he was lethargic and somewhat disoriented and remained in the vehicle with the door open.
Officer Albani immediately entered the smoke-filled home and found four young children and their great-grandmother; the victims were disoriented and unable to locate the exit.
Their game, rather, is to welcome the apparent inescapability of their situation and to juggle truisms until the viewer becomes disoriented by their dexterousness.
You have to remember that not all residents wander because they're disoriented and not all who are disoriented will be able to comprehend signage, so signage won't help them all, but it can help reorient some of them.
Because emergency personnel can become disoriented in a smoke-filled living unit, resident-room doors need to be differentiated from others in the cluster, and additional exit signs may be necessary to cover the diversity of sight lines for residents and staff.
The appeals court also held that there was no requirement under the Eighth Amendment that the jailers provide immediate medical attention to a disoriented, confused, belligerent detainee who had been arrested on an alcohol related misdemeanor charge.
They get torqued, twisted, and all disoriented," says Karl W.
Instead, the officers removed an air conditioning unit from a window, reached inside, and safely removed the disoriented child.
Vision disturbed, perambulating bodies disoriented, gravity defied- we are once again in Diller + Scofidio territory.