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Some are disoriented in how to find new life, how to feel a sense of purpose or worthiness.
The impact of this type of planning and attention to interior design can make all the difference to a disoriented and anxious resident trying to acclimate to a new setting.
Disoriented by the blur of names as I walked along, I stopped and tried to concentrate on the wall.
To help disoriented travelers, the elevator carpets, which are changed each day, have the day of the week woven into them.
Officer Albani immediately entered the smoke-filled home and found four young children and their great-grandmother; the victims were disoriented and unable to locate the exit.
Residents who are disoriented are predictably irritated or agitated by splashing water, the multiple transfers from bed to bath, being naked in front of others, time-pressured CNAs, or simply a dislike of showers or baths.
In these latter, the viewer is disoriented in his or her mapping of space, whereas in Huyghe's installation, it is the walls themselves that are made strangely tipsy and unstable while audience members understand clearly that they are to stand or sit on the floor inside the newly delineated arena in order to watch a video projected cinematically onto just one surface.
In tanks with moving water, fish with the modified otoliths became disoriented and swam in circles.
She awoke drifting in a calm ocean, injured and disoriented, the boat almost trashed.
The appeals court held that the prisoner sufficiently alleged a "physical injury" for the purposes of PLRA, with allegations that excessive heat in his cell made him dizzy, dehydrated, and disoriented, gave him a severe rash, and that smoke from rolled toilet paper "wicks" and frequent use of mace gave him bronchial irritation and a runny nose.