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These experiences might incorporate some camera movement, player motion, or occasionally disorienting content and effects.
It actually airbursts in front of the target, creating a very disorienting and intimidating effect," he said.
The image gets its emotional punch from both a sequence of disorienting juxtapositions and from the artist's positioning of us up close to the scene.
The film's first and most imaginative car chase keeps the action close and very visceral with a succession of tightly framed midshots, while a shootout in the home of Haitian gangsters employs circling cameras and reflected images in a disorienting ballet of brutality.
When the curtain opens, the sense of bare space is disorienting at first, and the music seems almost too grand in proportion.
The effect, as with the Whitney piece, is to turn a mundane subject into a disorienting spectacle.
Without such a stabilization system, the disorienting effects of the vehicle's pitch, roll, and yaw would not enable the vehicle to fire accurately while in motion.
They looked modest and a bit perfunctory compared to Freeman's earlier installations, particularly the disorienting mirrored cubicles and labyrinths he has exhibited in the last few years.
It's a little disorienting to hear Sutherland convince us of the saintly works of these selfless individuals while what sounds like Prodigy's ``Smack My Bitch Up'' pulsates on the soundtrack.
While the dancers recited the text, the instrumental and vocal music was taped, which was disorienting.
The DD is a small hand deployed device which generates a loud noise and bright flash of light distracting and disorienting persons creating dangerous situations, and allowing law enforcement agents to gain control of the situation without having to resort to lethal means.
Magnifications of microscopic scenes turn cells into nebulae and objects into luminous abstractions, disorienting already-unmoored imagery through transformations of scale and dissolutions of inside and out.