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This draconian law, if signed into law, will lead to untold horrors for an already oppressed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Nigeria where homosexuals are already subjected to disownment, rape and other acts of violence, including death," stated Timane'.
Social factors already present may complicate these families' lived experiences through, for example, disownment from family or lack of recognition for a partner or children in the relationship (Kurdek, 2001).
Their shared solitude on the train to Orvieto is a metaphor for disownment and itself a version of failed transcendence.
It is a matter of record that, in Pakistan, if one decides to follow up on a disclaimer of disownment, they will usually find the sullied spectre of disinheritance looming in the background.
In a letter published on a website affiliated to Hamas, Mr Yousef wrote that, "my family [wife and children] announce our complete disownment of the one who was once our eldest son, who is called Mosab, who is now in America.
Akol, then followed by the substitutions of party popular candidates with those who are directly loyal to the president and his colleagues in the political bureau, then the complete disownment of these popular candidates.