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Upon the same reason hatred of God, bold defance of his power denying of the Regiment of his Providence in this inferiour World presumtuous independance upon him or dispair of assistance from him, denying all worship to him or performing it coldly, carelessly or hypocritically /fol.
In what has become an iconic image in Portugal, coach Jorge Jesus sank to his knees in dispair when Porto scored their stoppage-time winner.
Molly begins with a description of Calliope--"One pretty hand rested on the short sword stuck in the rope at her waist, while she glared off to the side at some oncoming enemy army"--then abruptly moves on: "But the one I most wanted to be was Tragedy, who knelt in an attitude of misery and dispair [sic].
The actor was upset after he saw Sarabjit's family in dispair.
DISPAIR Ken Doherty and Mark Allen both crashed out of Shanghai Masters
When all this pain, grief and dispair will be gone.
Misused apostrophes random quotation marks and typos (one chapter is titled "DISPAIR" [sic]) litter every page distracting the reader's eyes.
a state of unutterable dispair! [sic]--nineteen souls of us on a wild and probably an uninhabited coast, without food or a prospect of obtaining any to satisfy the cravings of nature, and without the means to obtain a fire, by which to dry our cloaths [sic] and warm our limbs, now quite benumbed with cold and wet.
Gordon Brown must be wringing his hands with dispair.
Unemployement is many times the origin of experiences of loneliness, contempt and dispair as the complaints of the patients in the data attest.
Do not dispair. Just keep moistening the gum with cooking oil and you can gently pull it out.