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Finally, the club will encounter some professors who are not supportive of non--academic science, but it is important to remember that the disparagers are in the minority.
Thus, concludes Penn triumphantly, in one of those "counterintuitive" observations he loves: "The elite information circle is dominated by people who live in the world of the top 10 percent, and while in the past that helped drive discussion to more substantive levels, today it does just the opposite." Take that, elitist disparagers of the substantive but charisma-challenged Hillary Clinton!
Terry himself has sagely noted that Classical architectural grammar remains neutral, like the paint on an artist's palette, so what his disparagers detest is clearly the mere existence of any grammar at all.
I was undecided as to whether I wanted to tackle trying to convince the disparagers and those brain-washed into believing that continually popping expensive prescription pills and cutting out body parts is the only safe way to practice healthcare.
Li Yong identifies the two disparagers, whom Zanning left anonymous, as Guo Bin [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and Chen Zhen [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; see Li Yong, "Da Xaingguosi bei" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], QTW 263.10a-13b.
Merrill, as admirers and disparagers point out, has a "predilection for the happy ending" (Yenser 58).
The first words of the famous first chapter on "Sweetness and Light" claim that the "disparagers of culture make its motive curiosity" (204).
However that may be, Krieger, unconvinced that his rhetorical dodge might signal a flaw in his own theory, preferred instead to enlist the support of vocal fellow disparagers of poetic reference.
That the Mets did, with the encouragement of reliever Tug McGraw's rallying cry of "You Gotta Believe," and in the teeth of disparagers who mocked them as "Cheap Champions."
Clearly, this is not only an inspired poet speaking morally and well, but, mirroring da Gama at the Zamorin's court, someone unmistakably on a higher plane of virtue than his disparagers.