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India can never condone any act, which disparages religious sentiments or hurts religious feelings," said President Mukherjee in response to a media query on the offensive video on YouTube.
John Dixon Hunt, the noted garden historian, disparages landscape architects for pragmatically lacking a theoretical basis for design.
In Oregon, voters face a proposal that would allow public schools to teach material that disparages people on the basis of their sexual orientation.
In his Observations in the Art of English Poesie (1602), Thomas Campion, physician, poet, and composer, disparages rhyme and promotes quantitative meter in English verse based on models of Roman antiquity.
While Downs disparages the efficacy of any schemes to get Americans out of their cars, he does suggest government-orchestrated carrots and sticks to make them use their cars more efficiently, through ride-sharing, for example.
Although many MDs believe that chiropractic is useful for low back pain, the medical community disparages claims that chiropractic can heal a variety of other ailments.