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He ate a number of dinners at the same place--more than were good for him, I may add without disparaging their quality; for he fell in love with Miss Margovan, proposed marriage to her and was heartlessly accepted.
Her disparaging opinion of him gradually appeared in her behavior through almost imperceptible motions.
Sir Patrick never allowed "his time" to be made the subject of disparaging remarks by the younger generation without paying the y ounger generation back in its own coin.
The respectable citizen addressed Miss de Barral as "Florrie" and "my dear," remarking to her that she was not very big "there's not much of you my dear" in a familiarly disparaging tone.
But now I almost shrink at the remembrance of such disparaging words.
On looking back, I find myself always referring to Sir Percival in disparaging terms.
In the pause Mr Vladimir formulated in his mind a series of disparaging remarks concerning Mr Verloc's face and figure.
How is it, Natalia Victorovna, that you have kept aloof so long, from what after all is--let disparaging tongues say what they like--a unique centre of intellectual freedom and of effort to shape a high conception of our future?
Pretty vell, sir,' responded Sam, looking round him in a disparaging manner.
They were well-versed in the Buccaneers' accomplishments - beating South Carolina at South Carolina - and said nothing disparaging about their opponent.
Offended by disparaging remarks delivered during public hearings, Ferraro and other council members want to suspend the speaking privileges of people who address them with ``insulting, slanderous, profane'' or ``loud'' statements.
GenSci sued Osteotech in 1998 in federal district court in Los Angeles, alleging that Osteotech's Grafton bone implant products infringe GenSci's patents, that Osteotech interfered with GenSci's contractual relationship with tissue supplier American Red Cross and made false and disparaging statements to the public and to the medical profession about GenSci's competing line of DynaGraft(TM) bone implant products.