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I've vowed to never let a young student or co-worker hear me speak disparagingly about myself again.
Lambert has lived and worked in England long enough to know our game is looked upon disparagingly from south of the border.
WE can speculate as much as we want, political parties can depict opponents as disparagingly as they like but if, as expected, no political party has a workable majority of MPs elected to Parliament on its own they will have to look for tactical alliances.
Moscow: Russia on Wednesday responded disparagingly to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, claiming it showed that the United States wanted to dominate world affairs.
This has come after Maradona disparagingly compared the Argentina Football Association (AFA) to the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and a PFF official responded with an invitation to the football icon to visit Pakistan.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's football chiefs Thursday invited Diego Maradona to visit the country after the Argentina legend disparagingly compared his own association to the South Asian nations.
The letter writer who he refers to disparagingly is Tony Hubball not Hubble.
Before he speaks disparagingly about other friendly countries, which supported Sri Lanka by voting against international inquiries on human rights violations, it would be advisable that the president follows his own advice that "people who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.
The amateurish and often comical results were disparagingly called selfies.
I used the description approvingly and Miliband should ignore Tories applying it disparagingly.
The League Leaders Shield disparagingly dubbed "the hubcap" was won by Warrington and Wigan in the last two seasons.