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Likewise, the court's ruling and how its applied "could have a constricting effect on lenders' operations and their appetite to expand, given that an inadvertent disparate impact may not be revealed until after a product or service has been offered to the marketplace," said attorney Craig Nazzaro, of counsel at Baker Donelson, Atlanta, in a written opinion.
Not content with undermining school discipline, a few months later OCR used disparate impact to invade school finance, declaring that it would evaluate things like the provision of carpets and graphing calculators to investigate and punish school districts and states.
This is the third time in the last five years that a case involving disparate impact has made it to the highest court in the land.
For the past six years, the Clinton administration has not only embraced the national environmental justice movement but has aggressively pushed a disparate impact standard as well.
For example, if 90 percent of men meet a physical fitness requirement, at least 72 percent of women (50 percent of 90) must meet the same requirement or a disparate impact is presumed.
93-88 held that victims of intentional disparate treatment discrimination can exclude compensatory damages, including back pay, received under the amended CRA, since the amended law provides the broad range of tort-type remedies required by Burke for the Sec.
Easy-to-use visual design environment that enables users to create and deploy reports in minutes via a simple, robust, wizard-driven interface based on data retrieved from multiple, disparate systems, applications, databases or point solutions.
The Inclusive Communities Project, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that that the Fair Housing Act allows plaintiffs to cite disparate impact when making discrimination cases under the Fair Housing Act.
In vacating HUD's disparate impact rule, the court reviewed the text of the FHA and concluded that 'the FHA unambiguously prohibits only intentional discrimination.
Supreme Court asking the court to review an earlier decision to determine whether disparate impact claims are permissible under the Fair Housing Act, NAA/NMHC submitted a "friend of the court" brief supporting the township.
Sonic Foundry (Nasdaq:SOFO), a provider of media software, systems and services, will demonstrate new software designed to help government agencies streamline the capture, analysis and management of disparate types of media -- including both live and archived speech, video, biometric, text and database information -- at the upcoming Government Video Technology Expo in Washington, D.
3) Unfortunately, the decision creates needless complexities and inequitable disparate treatment with respect to when damages received by victims of discrimination can be excluded from gross income.