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To a casual reader the variety of these essays, based upon the comparable disparateness of the source imagery, can be a positive distraction because the studies are more culturally and geographically focused than thematic.
The very disparateness of the examples practically makes one's head hurt.
Fortunately, the past decade has seen this disparateness wane, as more and more scholarship has interrogated same-sex desire in Southern culture and literary production, both within the so-called Southern Renaissance and beyond its debated ends.
Whereas such disparate chapters on another topic could have led to a lack of cohesion, in Converging Interests, this disparateness fosters potential disciplinary cross-fertilization.
The disparateness and diversity of the work found around the country may be what guarantees music-theatre's strength in the future--and at the moment the energy behind the form's renewal counts more than explanations do.
To Rahel's salon came people from every social circle of Berlin (artists, politicians, nobility), a population of immense disparateness held together, it was said, only by Rahel herself.