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The Combining process of the left image and right image by producing is disparity map is the problem of the work.
The detected existence of analogies in the trends of regional disparity development for the two pairs of countries Czech Republic-Hungary and Poland-Slovakia is confirmed by the findings of another study by Zdrazil and Kraftova (2012), who moreover believe, based on the analysis of the period 1999-2008, that the NUTS II regions of the mentioned pairs diverged from each other, especially in the period before joining the EU.
The City of Miramar Procurement Department is seeking a professional and experienced consultant to conduct a pre-disparity study and comprehensive disparity study of the City~s procurement and contract award process.
The hypothesis of this study is that economic disparity among cities leads to a relatively less economic well-being of state level arrangements.
For instance, Black women are nearly four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than White women--and this disparity has not improved in 50 years.
Ethnic disparity appears to be viewed as a good thing.
This shows the disparity in our values and social system.
A group of lawyers will file lawsuits across the nation Monday seeking nullification of the outcome of Sunday's House of Councillors election due to the uncorrected disparity in the weight of votes among constituencies.
That inaccurate reporting has led to a lower estimate of the disparity between blacks and whites in premature deaths due to heart disease.
In some instances, HP 2020 advocates the adoption of specific coercive legal mechanisms that would both further a population health goal and reduce disparities--for example, passage of smoke-free legislation would both reduce overall population exposure to secondhand smoke and more strongly affect disadvantaged groups (who have higher rates of smoking and are more likely to work in places where smoking is permitted), (15) thereby resulting in a reduction in the disparity in rates of exposure to secondhand smoke.
Beginning with an overview of improvements in disparities in care over the last century, the volume addresses topics such as quality of care disparity, Medicaid, business models and reform, the influence of lobbyists and advocates, health care fraud, market demographics, and the implications of the Affordable Care Act.