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Second, Kilgras adds that an adjuster must balance the logical dispassion with genuine warmth, sincerity and empathy.
Now that the excitement has died down, the book can perhaps be read with dispassion by materialists and believers alike, as well as by those who, like Nagel, neither believe nor are reductionists.
It's a stark, rhetorical poem in some ways, staccato and sharp, but it unravels the persona's own sense of privilege with precision and dispassion. Lissa Piercy performs for The Dirty Gerund Poetry series at 9 p.m.
Perhaps those who have taken a firm stance on Medjugorje should emulate such dispassion. After all, official Church teaching is that private revelations "do not belong ...
See also, Peta Spender, 'Weapons of Mass Dispassion: James Hardie and Corporate Law' (2005) 14 Griffith Law Review 280; H.J Glasbeek, 'Contortions of Corporate Law: James Hardie reveals cracks in liberal law's armour' (2012) 27 Australian Journal of Corporate Law 132.
A single-line epigraph near the end of "Book Three: Romance," "It would be absurd to mistake patience for dispassion," gestures in the direction of the prose poems in "Book One: The Moonstone," teasing their titles-"Disguise," "Decorum," "Surface," "Blame"--into greater suggestiveness, the titles appearing as demure nods toward the many small mysteries surrounding human emotion and action, the everyday mysteries flowering from intention misidentified.
Farming is not sustainable long term because of the inefficient, increasingly stressed and diminishing water supply, as well as the ongoing dispassion of land.
Dispassion has been more than just a narrative voice for Toussaint--it is an entire milieu, with its own version of morality.
Orthodox Jewish institutions should approach same-sex marriage with at least the same cultural distance and dispassion.
With their combinations of dystopia and utopia, chaos and dispassion, horror and humor, Schutz's grotesque paintings embody a culture confronted with apocalypse, but which remains confused, under-inspired, and without a clear path forward--a society slouching toward Armageddon.
The directors she has worked with also note that same strange mix of kindness and dispassion. Kauffman recounted how just before Bellevill'se previews began, Herzog decided to jettison an ending that hadn't worked and substitute another.
Passion yields to dispassion, though not to disinterestedness, as artists orient their product towards the market: 'the culture of liquid modernity has no "populace" to enlighten and ennoble; it does, however, have clients to seduce' (16).