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As I thought this over, reflecting on the dispassion that has characterized this election, I wondered if the distance that the pundits continually tell us is alienation may in fact be an opening for new cultural possiblity - a space in which those of us who are building a nonprofit culture can reassert its value.
Finkel's lens has the dispassion of the journalist but the focus of someone who has been allowed to be intimate with the rawest of emotions in the rawest of times.
Pic earns points for its dispassion, its judicious blend of personal recollection and footage, and by its crystal-clear demonstration of how political decisions shape entire lives.
At the beginning of July, the Giants were running a race against themselves, looking on with extreme dispassion as the Rockies sank away from them, blinking sleepily as the Padres made a weak push and then fell back.
Writing with characteristic dispassion, Spark, by omitting compassion, leaves us to ponder a sharp-eyed but hollow tale.
Like Kieslowski in the Decalogue series and the Blue/White/Red trilogy, the Trintignant character uses electronic equipment to track the intersections of various people, whom he studies with sorrowful dispassion.
Rather than assume the neutral voice of scholarly dispassion, Art Since 1900 insists on art history as a motivated, even partisan, endeavor.
From the opening, sun-streaked image of wearied, bleary-eyed Sheriff Wes Clayton (Richard Dutcher) strapping on his ankle holster and suiting up with all the rote, laconic dispassion of Morgan Freeman in "Seven," "Brigham City" aims for a considerably brassier ring than writer-producer-director-star Dutcher's previous outing -- the Latter Day Saints-missionaries-in-Hollywood fable "God's Army.
Objectivity, diplomacy and dispassion are needed to balance the interests of the 15 princes and princesses who call themselves the City Council.
Yulin's calm dissection of Victor's illusions is enacted with a marked tenderness, a pity that Walter must cloak in dry-eyed dispassion -- for Victor is quick to feel it as contempt.
The excruciating difficulties of evaluating the secession trade-offs should be addressed thoughtfully and with a healthy dose of objectivity and dispassion.