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Small, light and unobtrusive, the Targetize module (below) sits under the frame to render a dispassionate critique of your shooting.
While the mainstream media has--quite understandably--focused on the terrible human cost of the disaster and the resulting nuclear crisis, it's to Geographical's credit that it has published such an in-depth and dispassionate examination of the science behind the devastation.
Education scholar and reform activist, Olsen suggests how principles from brain research can be used by school boards and administrators to make needed cuts in school budgets based on dispassionate and rational decision making.
A dispassionate, sobering analysis of the nuclear threat and the costs and benefits of how Israel might deal with it.
Thanks for Sarah Breger's interview with Paul Bessel on the history of Freemasonry--it presents a model of how to have a dispassionate and informed discussion about an esoteric subject ("The True Story of Jews and Freemasons," January/February 2010).
Summary: Can you be a dispassionate, uninvolved observer of horrific events, recording them for posterity, and still keep a sense of right and wrong, not to mention your sanity?
Two dispassionate articles in L'Osservatore Romano May 7 may disappoint the film's promoters, who had sought a conflict with the Vatican of the type that surrounded "The Da Vinci Code" in 2006.
I made a dispassionate check-up of the prices of many of the basic commodities like cereals, groceries, vegetables, milk and milk products, clothing, medicines and so on.
While Finding Nemo has lots of top skaters, schools of fish, a giant whale, floating jelly fishes and the potentially moving story of a little boy lost, the pre-recorded voiceovers are far too dispassionate.
Dr Herman's testimony added a dispassionate, but intimate viewpoint to a case piled high with dirty laundry.
Having made a sensible, dispassionate decision on embryos, let's hope the MPs apply the same diligence to these huge questions.
African Americans are often bed the idea that trading is a risky, "cowboy" way of investing that leads nowhere, instead of taking a true, dispassionate look at the risk/reward ratio.