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Now let me hear, dispassionately and calmly, what are this young lady's qualifications for the office.
Regarding himself as the prophet of a supremely important new gospel, he never admitted the possibility of error in his own point of view and was never able to stand aside from his poetry and criticise it dispassionately.
Receive, coldly and dispassionately, every attention, till you have ascertained and duly considered the worth of the aspirant; and let your affections be consequent upon approbation alone.
I rather fancy, m'lady,' said Wrench, dispassionately, 'that the animal is about to hurl a plate.
I remembered that I had known a man before who had declared himself to have fallen, years ago, a victim to misfortune; but this misfortune, whose effects appeared permanent (he looked desper ately hard up) when considered dispassionately, seemed indistinguishable from a breach of trust.
Yes, Monsieur le Marquis," she said dispassionately, in her usual calm tone of a reasonable old woman.
The Chief Inspector raised scornful eyebrows dispassionately.
Successful, at last, in awakening an interest in his favour, and an inclination to inquire more dispassionately into his case, they had had an interview with the minister, in his bed, so late as eight o'clock that morning.
Pickwick; 'before you apply those epithets to the gentleman in question, consider, dispassionately, the extent of his fault, and above all remember that he is a friend of mine.
Commenting on the National Infrastructure Commission the Chancellor said:The Commission will calmly and dispassionately assess the future infrastructure needs of the country and it will hold any government s feet to the fire if it fails to deliver.
The independent National Infrastructure Commission, he will say, will start work immediately to establish "calmly and dispassionately what the country needs to build for its future".
Fuld + Company is a competitive intelligence and competitive strategy consulting firm that helps clients anticipate competitive activity, foresee market disruptions, dispassionately interpret external events and develop or refine robust business strategies.