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"Yes, Monsieur le Marquis," she said dispassionately, in her usual calm tone of a reasonable old woman.
The Chief Inspector raised scornful eyebrows dispassionately.
A generous nature is not prone to strong aversions, and is slow to admit them even dispassionately; but when it finds ill-will gaining upon it, and can discern between-whiles that its origin is not dispassionate, such a nature becomes distressed.
Pickwick; 'before you apply those epithets to the gentleman in question, consider, dispassionately, the extent of his fault, and above all remember that he is a friend of mine.'
Andrews with his swivel chair tilted back, his hands clasped behind his head, his cigarette hanging from his lips, regarded the man dispassionately.
"I can look at him quite coolly and dispassionately," she said to herself.
Finding no ready-made opportunity to tell his story, Newman pondered these things more dispassionately than might have been expected; he stretched his legs, as usual, and even chuckled a little, appreciatively and noiselessly.
"No," said the priest dispassionately; "I know who it was."
Wickson went on coldly and dispassionately. "We will hunt the bear.
"They are not often mentioned in modern war," said the other dispassionately; "but in this affair one falls over the blessed sword everywhere."
I remembered that I had known a man before who had declared himself to have fallen, years ago, a victim to misfortune; but this misfortune, whose effects appeared permanent (he looked desper ately hard up) when considered dispassionately, seemed indistinguishable from a breach of trust.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court has observed that the job of courts, being a neutral arbiter, is to appraise the evidence dispassionately rather than embarking on a probing journey guided by emotions and sense of self-styled justice pegged on the lofty notion of societal reform.