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Neal added, "In addition, most cities are facing increasing pressure to handle more call volume with the same 911 dispatching staff.
Each guide assists the call-taker in gathering the necessary information, as well as dispatching the correct response.
AMR is pleased that JRUG has chosen LifeCom to provide all of their dispatching needs and we look forward to working with our EMS partners long into the future," said Brad White, AMR Regional Vice President of Operations.
Bamattre and other officials also have acknowledged problems in the dispatching system but said they are being addressed with a new computerized system and increased training.
InterAct's flexible CAD system helps to ensure the accuracy and optimize the efficiency of public safety departments' dispatching operations.
Instructor Light said the InterAct systems' intuitive features and interfaces have made it much easier for students with varying levels of computer knowledge to learn the dispatching process quickly.
Implementation of priority dispatching comes at the conclusion of an 18-month study by the agency to identify medical conditions that might require a quicker response time than the current mandate of 10 minutes 90 percent of the time.