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Parsons said he hadn't been asked about moving the dispatching operations, but would have concerns.
Neal added, "In addition, most cities are facing increasing pressure to handle more call volume with the same 911 dispatching staff.
offers a comprehensive suite of automated dispatching and fire station control technology for public safety applications.
TriTech Software Systems, a provider of public safety computer-aided dispatch, mobile data, and records management solutions, and Locution Systems, a provider of automated public safety dispatching, zoned dispatching, and fire station alerting and control technologies, announced on Friday (24 August) commissions to provide their respective technologies to five US cities and counties.
When an LTS fails, companies are, in essence, blind in their ability to test subscriber lines in that office, leaving them with only one option - dispatching on every customer trouble call until testability can be restored.
Some quarters in the ruling coalition were against dispatching SDF personnel to East Timor before revision of a 1992 law on Japan's PKO participation to relax conditions for use of arms by SDF personnel.
The requesting agency's incident commander contacts the system's dispatching center, the Northwest Central Dispatch System,(1) and identifies the level of response needed.
Since 1980, more than 40 mines have implemented some form of computer/radio-based truck dispatching to improve haulage fleet productivity.