dispel misunderstanding

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He added that the event was organised to dispel misunderstanding on issues of visa policy and other aspects of Qatar for everyone.
Summary: The UAE has urged Arab and African parliaments to present the moderate and tolerant approach of their religions to the other world cultures to dispel misunderstanding and extremism towards Arab, Islamic and African cultures.
Chris Doyle, the director of the Council for Arab British Understanding, said: "Our organization strives to improve relations and dispel misunderstanding about the Arab world.
Unless we work to quell underlying hatred and to dispel misunderstanding, we risk conflagration at any moment.
The aim of the NMC 'myths and facts' document was to dispel misunderstandings about the work undertaken by health visitors, to attract prospective students to training programmes and show that there are opportunities for flexible approaches to programme delivery.
He welcome the understandings reached during the talks and lauded the decision of the negotiators to boost engagement between the private sectors of the two countries which will go a long way to improve confidence level, dispel misunderstandings and allay misapprehensions.
The LCCI President said that both the governments would have to work hand in hand with the business community to build confidence, dispel misunderstandings and allay misapprehensions.
For high school biology teachers, Koba, a former middle and high school teacher who is now a science education consultant working primarily with the National Science Teachers Association, describes how to teach challenging concepts by identifying students' prior conceptions and misconceptions and selecting teaching strategies to dispel misunderstandings and promote learning.
These attachAs should be assigned to monitor Muslim issues in those countries and undertake tasks to project the correct image of Islam in order to dispel misunderstandings," said Abdul Jaleel.
The above four transformations will help local enterprises to dispel misunderstandings about brands, improve operational efficiency of their brands and build strong brands with low costs and high speeds, and eventually raise the overall competitiveness of domestic brands.
Mutual recognition by Washington and Beijing of their status as peers could dispel misunderstandings and facilitate efforts, in the words of the Obama-Hu joint statement, to "deepen bilateral strategic trust" and "take concrete actions to steadily build a partnership.
According to Jay White, Director of Marketing for White House, "Our goal is not just to tell people about our juice, but to educate the public and dispel misunderstandings about juices, juice drinks and soft drinks so they know what they are really buying.