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While the magisterium is inclined to explain its regard for the dispensability of argumentation by appeal to the charismatic authority of its office, a nonfoundationalist approach to the traditional knowledge it safeguards would expect that same charism to be exercised within the ongoing justification of belief in the history of faith.
The off-center pull allows for easier handling and dispensability and offsets that dreaded baby-wipe feel.
In the wipes segment, innovations continue to center on updated designs promising easy dispensability, resealability and reclosure systems that will keep products from drying out.
Debate has swirled about what it is to be a person, whether selfhood is given or constructed, whether it is a basic or derivative notion, its dispensability, and the perspective for understanding the role of the self in politics, morality, cognition, and art.
By superfluousness, they mean "the distinctively political problem of dehumanization associated with the deliberate infliction of large-scale degradation, exclusion and, ultimately, dispensability or disposability from political life of increasingly larger numbers of people" (3).
There is a measure of truth in the emphasis he has given to globalisation and monetary policy in the generation of unemployment as a source of managerial power, not only because it increased the replaceability and dispensability of workers, but also because it aroused psychological fear over an anticipated danger.
Plant derived polyphenols have been shown to enhance the production and synthesis of nitric oxide which influences large artery dispensability thereby reducing arterial stiffness.
Powder characteristics such as particle size and distribution, bulk density, residual moisture and solvent level, wettability, dispensability and flow properties can all be controlled through proper selection of spray-drying equipment and process parameters, such as nozzle selection, inlet and outlet temperatures and feed solution characteristics.
The fact that ST25 strains do not express MRP or the srtF pili, yet they are more virulent than ST28 strains, further demonstrates the dispensability of these factors for the full virulence of S.
The clown Pompey stresses the dispensability, the presumed featurelessness of Barnardine through his catalog of generic names of the prison's denizens: Master Rash, young Dizzy, Master Forthright, wild Half-can, and so on.
Choper, The Scope of National Power Vis-a-Vis The States: The Dispensability of Judicial Review, 86 YALE L.
Nanoparticle coatings are intended to promote stability and dispensability through surface polarity that prevents agglomeration, and the two types of coatings chosen here are common to many types of nanoparticles.