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I hate to admit that because it kind of makes me dispensable,'' he said.
He added that this law does not render dispensable other laws that address information technology-based crimes, but augments these other laws.
There is new evidence that some repeats bind signaling proteins and are not dispensable, as previously thought.
Contract notice: Procurement of medical dispensable material for Interventional cardiology-stents.
Europe is dominated by republics, which proves 100% that monarchs are dispensable.
The Chilean star, who plies his trade in Turin, has been declared to be a dispensable asset by his club, according to sources in Italy.
It is thought that Real would look to capitalise on Chelsea's pursuit of Cesc Fabregas by asking Chelsea if that made Ramires dispensable.
10 for dinner served in a hand-painted ceramic bowl; $5 for dinner in a dispensable bowl.
It's good for Man U that he's still in his position compared to other teams and how their managers seem so dispensable.
It seamlessly improves the efficiency of employees, consolidates the amount of cash dispensable to tellers, and lowers operating costs.
While ClpP is dispensable in most bacteria, previous research has shown that it is absolutely essential for the viability of M.
The dispensable nation; American foreign policy in retreat.