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DISPENSATION. A relaxation of law for the benefit or advantage of an individual. In the United States, no power exists, except in the legislature, to dispense with law, and then it is not so much a dispensation as a change of the law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"If you've never played rugby league at professional level you get 100 per cent dispensation, which means in this case we'll basically get Luther at zero on the cap for the remainder of this year and next year and then in 2021 he's at 50 per cent.
As such, he says the Court wishes that every petitioner sits the exam this year because 'too many people are asking for dispensation.'
Paterson, who was jailed for 15 years, was also given dispensation by the judge for his daughter to sit besides him throughout proceedings at Nottingham Crown Court.
The practice of finning is forbidden within the EU by Regulation EC 1185/2003, which nonetheless allows for possible dispensations to obtain special permits' - exceptions that have become the rule in two member states, Spain and Portugal (the only countries to have voted against deleting the dispensations at the Council).
provides an abundance of details--for example, the reasons for marital dispensation (e.g., ob periculum perversionis)--in a clearly structured manner.
If a dispensation has been granted the vehicle concerned should display the certificate clearly on the windscreen and should be used for the specified purpose.
Special dispensation has now been granted by the Standards and Ethics Committee to the 51 councillors who applied.
The dispensations also apply to 20 parish councils affected.
He said: ``Any directors who authorise their own expenses should think very carefully before asking for a dispensation. We would always advise businesses to seek professional advice.
The Northern Ireland Office confirmed that Angelo Fusco, Robert Campbell, Paul Patrick Magee and Anthony Gerard Sloan are free to return home after a special dispensation from the Queen.
stock market's $1.5 trillion "correction" momentarily shook belief in the new dispensation. But faith is strengthened by adversity, and the Market God has emerged renewed from its trials.