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Flexible and autoclavable tubing ensures that the fluid path is fully contained and completely sterilizable, and multiple channels dispense a wide variety of chemicals without risk of cross-contamination or tubing compatibility issues.
The ability to dispense precisely mixed materials for different part configurations in batch or random processes.
dispense with : to do or get along without <Let's dispense with introductions.
Also high-volume wet-out systems, Multi Color Block for up to eight gelcoat colors, and Big Bertha high-volume chopper gun that can dispense up to 35 lb/min of laminate and handle six strands of glass.
The dispense test used a tabletop robot with a standard air-over syringe dispensing technology, a balance scale and a computer spreadsheet program.
George Ma son University is currently applying for authorization to dispense prescriptions and plans to dispense EC along with other drugs when the authorization process is complete.
When the button is depressed to dispense, a verbal message such as, "Take meds with food," is also delivered with the cup.
8-volt rechargeable lithium ion battery and can dispense up to 60 cartridges before the charge is exhausted.
A dispenser may be fitted with more than one pump head type so that it can perform multiple dispense operations on a single substrate.
A programmable dispense interval allows hands-free dispensing and filling.