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In its ruling the ASA revealed that Specsavers had told the Authority that since dispensing underwent partial deregulation in 1984, staff who dispensed glasses did not have to be qualified.
Formerly, the only way a schedule II drug could be dispensed was on receipt of a written prescription, except in "emergency" cases where a pharmacy could dispense a 72-hour supply based on an oral prescription, provided the prescriber forwarded a written prescription (Rx) to the dispensing pharmacist within a three-day period.
In larger blenders with throughputs rated at 450 lb/hr or higher, resin and regrind are sequentially dispensed from hopper bins into a weigh chamber by high-speed slide-gate valves with an accuracy/dispense of [+ or -] 4 g.
Charges can be dispensed at up to 10 lb/sec for shot sizes up to 30 lb with accuracy within 0.