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An ASA spokesman said: "The ASA understood from the GOC that it was not necessary to be a qualified DO to dispense glasses (except in exceptional cases such as for certain high-level prescriptions) and that a dispensing assistant without formal training would be able to do so.
Jetting is an automated, non-contact process that dispenses fluids quickly, cleanly, accurately and reliably.
H-3500 for both pour and spray dispenses at pressures to 3500 psi and outputs to 2 gal/min.
It dispenses beads at an exact flow rate each time the system is actuated.
The valve dispenses a precisely metered amount of fluid onto a spinning disk attached to the motor.
Herbie HRB 14 mini blender dispenses four materials up to 145 lb/hr.
Once the operator sets the desired percentages of resin, regrind, color and additive, the microprocessor controller automatically adjusts material dispenses to maintain the preset batch ratio.
Brailer witnessed a demonstration of McKesson's ROBOT-Rx(TM), which dispenses virtually error-free more than 8,000 bar-coded unit-dose prescriptions every day.
In the RAP process, a robot dispenses liquid caprolactam plus a catalyst and activator into a heated aluminum mold, which is then rotated while the mixture reacts to produce a virgin nylon 6 part.
Tosho has agreed to modify its rotary cassette technology that currently dispenses medication into cellophane pouch packs so that MTS will be able to use that technology to dispense medication into its punch cards.
Each time a recipient dispenses a dose, it is recorded into the device's computer memory, and a score of dispensing history is displayed on the CycloTech(TM) LCD screen for the recipient.