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These new components are an addition to the current ESD-safe offering, which includes: 18-gauge, 20-gauge, and 25-gauge SmoothFlow tapered dispensing tips; 30-gauge general purpose dispensing tips for high-to-low viscosity fluids; 33-gauge chamfered dispensing tips for low-viscosity fluids.
Describe a successful initiative which you led that promoted and/or expanded the role of dispensing in practice over the last 12 months?
GSE Dispensing are represented in Turkey by Inter Tekstil, an agency representing several leading suppliers to the textile printing and manufacturing in the region.
The unit is operated by its own PSD Control Panel or by automation integrated controls with dispensing software for a smaller footprint, lower system cost and one-stop operator control of the entire robotic dispensing system.
On the other hand, while multi-channel syringe dispensing is available, the volume range can be more limiting than that of peristaltic pump dispensers.
KeyKeg has also developed beer and wine coolers with dispensing towers that accommodate the disposable dispensing line.
Pumping units with mix ratios from 1:1 to 18:1 draw materials from catalyst and resin storage tanks, and deliver components to a static-mixing head where a transfer hose can be used to deliver mix to spray guns or dispensing valves.
2+, a fully automated medication dispensing and tracking system with a built-in Personal Response System.
Why you should care: I&J Fisnar says that its range of dispensing stands can transform a table into a workstation.
Drop dispensing without drips is made possible by the NALGENE[R] Dropper Bottles.
has extended its SP 200 robotic prescription dispensing system with four new products designed to offer pharmacists a flexible, efficient and reliable means to maximize productivity.