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He who ever bestoweth is in danger of losing his shame; to him who ever dispenseth, the hand and heart become callous by very dispensing.
I love company," said Pollyanna, again, flitting about as if she were dispensing the hospitality of a palace; "specially since I've had this room, all mine, you know.
Consider, too, that all the pleasant little dim ideas and complacencies--of standing well with Timpson, of dispensing advice when he was asked for it, of impressing his friend Tulliver with additional respect, of saying something, and saying it emphatically, with other inappreciably minute ingredients that went along with the warm hearth and the brandy-and-water to make up Mr.
recently stopped dispensing emergency contraception (EC) to students, sparking controversy among students and outside advocates.
2+, a fully automated medication dispensing and tracking system with a built-in Personal Response System.
2200 Series mid-size dispense valves have been redesigned to improve dispensing and operating performance for the user, according to the manufacturer.
Graco is a specialist in fluid dispensing and spraying.
Seaquist Dispensing manufactures aerosol valves and spray pumps; Seaquist Closures produces dispensing and specialty closures.
is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordson Corporation, (Nasdaq:NDSN) the world's leading producer of precision dispensing equipment.
1 ml repeatability, users can achieve variable ratio dispensing in 1/100th increments from 1:1 to 20:1 through the keypad.
Material-handling and dispensing systems for individual machines or plant-wide use are now available from reSource Inc.