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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on Wednesday condemned the violent dispersal of protesters in front of the United States Embassy in Manila, which left several rallyists injured.
One of them, entitled #rememberRABAA, was set to allow users to mention their memories about the dispersals and the violence that followed.
When we pooled our study sites and looked at among-season differences, more dispersals occurred during the season of estrus than either high prey abundance (t = -2.
Enria said that banks that have been ordered by regulators to raise fresh capital would have to do so without stopping loan dispersals.
A DISPERSAL order operating in Walsall town centre to tackle anti-social behaviour has been extended until the summer.
Processes of dispersal in vertebrates have important implications for population structure and dynamics (for reviews, see Greenwood 1980, Greenwood and Harvey 1982, Johnson and Gaines 1990).
North Cotabato Governor Emmylou Talino-Mendoza, who received flak for her sentiments over the bloody Kidapawan farmers' dispersal, paid her bail bond from her graft charges over the anomalous procurement of diesel purchased from her mother's gas station.
Last Wednesday, the Al-Azhar Scholars Front called for people to protest on the second anniversary of the dispersals.
The 30 June Fact Finding Committee formed to investigate the events of both sit-ins declared in November 2014 that 607 protesters were killed during the dispersals.
Deadly clashes occurred on Thursday, which marks the one-year anniversary of the dispersals of the encampments, and on Friday, leaving a total of 14 people dead, according to Forensics Authority spokesman Hisham Abdel Hameed.
Exact figures on the number of protester killed during the dispersals are still disputed.
Rights groups estimated that almost 1,500 people were arrested following the dispersals, which, according to official figures, resulted in approximately 600 deaths, although independent counts put the death toll at approximately 1,000.