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The school now disperses at 12:45 pm, after an early start at 6:45am.
It stands that the interchange of position (y), shape and dynamic states (z) between whatever two disperse elements i, j provides the same value for the [P.
Sonolator in-line homogenizer, used in custom-designed systems to emulsify or disperse liquids, converts kinetic energy of a high-velocity liquid stream into intense mixing energy.
The actual number of soils in each dispersion and sodicity class was calculated and proportions were used to determine the hypothesis that sodic soils would disperse and nonsodic soils would not disperse.
In conventional sand systems, the mixer is often depended upon to disperse not only the new clay and temper water and develop the bond, but it additionally must homogenize the new additionally must homogenize the new additions with the mixture of shakeout sand in a very short mulling cycle.
Too high a melt temperature can also cause mixing problems by lowering the melt viscosity so far that inadequate shear stress is generated to disperse the wood.
The ordinance created a criminal offense based on the following four predicates: 1) an officer must reasonably believe that at least one of the two or more individuals present in a "public place" is a criminal street gang member; 2) the individuals must be "loitering," defined as "remaining in any one place with no apparent purpose"; 3) the officer then must order "all" of the individuals to disperse and remove themselves from the area; and 4) a person must disobey the officer's order.
The aim of this study was to determine whether or not the easily dispersed colloidal materials differ in their properties from colloidal materials that do not disperse easily.
There, the explosion serves an important purpose: It is the mechanism the tree uses to disperse its seeds--send them sailing away to start a new life.
BASF Coatings has obtained a patent for a process for preparing a powder coating material comprised of mixing at least two liquid components in a static mixer to give a molecularly disperse and/or finely dispersed liquid mixture, emulsifying the liquid mixture in an aqueous medium in a dispersing unit to give an aqueous emulsion of liquid particles, and one of cooling the emulsion so that a suspension of dimensionally stable particles is formed, and isolating the dimensionally stable particles from the suspension, or isolating dimensionally stable particles directly from the emulsion.
If many bird populations dip toward extinction in the coming century, as scientists predict, widespread harm could come to ecosystems that depend on these birds to pollinate plants, disperse seeds, scavenge carrion, and control insects.