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Al-Ahram also reported that a pro-Morsi protest had been dispersed in Alexandria.
Besides this, the effect of viscoelasticity, blend ratio, and shear rate on the morphology development of the dispersed PBT phase were further studied.
Taking into account the anti-symmetry properties of the alternator pseudotensor and the no-slip condition in the dispersed element surface, using (23), the 'extradeformation term' is written as:
Materials such as clays, silicas and other extenders, and thixotropes that are used to raise low shear viscosity sometimes suffer a problem where they are wet and dispersed so well that they are unable to form the network structures needed to provide the high viscosity.
From the 1730s to the mid-1740s, dispersed agricultural settlements clustering along the Opequon creek at the contact point between shale and limestone lands created open-country neighborhoods.
On Friday night, 33 stop checks were made, with 23 people dispersed and seven Anti-Social Behaviour Order forms - the initial phase of the ASBO process - completed.
Dispersed attacks, like the other two types of coordinated assaults, seek to expand the extent and spread of damage and fear.
More and more businesses are recognizing the value of deploying mission critical solutions across multiple geographically dispersed sites.
In the fiscal year 2002-2003, Northern Ontario CFDCs assisted 411 businesses with financing, dispersed $19,400,097 in business loans and provided 359 businesses with assistance through the CFDC business counseling service.
Wilmington, Delaware, USA, said its pulp and paper division will become the exclusive toll manufacturer of dispersed rosin size for MeadWestvaco Corp.
This paper suggests experiential activities that incorporate the virtual or dispersed domain, teamwork, networks and the need to develop knowledge for problem solution options.
The cars then dispersed to different parts of the city.