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They found that the morphology in the weld zone is quite different from that in the bulk, but they could not directly observe the sh ape and size of the dispersed phase in the weld zone.
Indeed, ring deposits are common wherever drops containing dispersed solids evaporate on a surface.
Cleversafe's latest Dispersed Storage software incorporates an iSCSI device interface, which allows any dsNet to appear as a network device on the desktop, enabling users to transparently store and retrieve files as if they were using a local hard drive.
When the vermiculite is kept well dispersed, and the coating is formed with little loss in water, the resulting film shows large improvements in battier properties over that of the untilled polymer.
Domain size for a blend that has a larger volume fraction of the dispersed phase was larger than the one containing smaller volume fraction of the dispersed phase, which is known as a coalescence effect [10].
The morphology of dispersed particles and the interfacial adhesion between the dispersed phase and matrix are both influenced by extrusion temperature.
The main task, as just defined by the name, is the pasting of the finely dispersed ingredients.
Televaulting is a new backup paradigm architected specifically for geographically dispersed environments.
All of the sizes were cationic dispersed rosin sizes, a popular and versatile type of rosin size.
The powder is inducted and dispersed directly into a liquid stream.
The aim of this study was to determine whether or not the easily dispersed colloidal materials differ in their properties from colloidal materials that do not disperse easily.
NextDocs delivers documents to a dispersed user community via a web-based application.