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The construction of the new plant for specialty monomers is an important strategic step," said Christoph Riemer, head of dispersible polymer powder business at Wacker Polymers.
This new Coartem Dispersible tablet can help improve treatment and compliance saving many of the more than 700,000 children under five who die each year from malaria," said Dr.
Wetting and drying cycles tended to reduce wet aggregate stability (which is inversely correlated with dispersible clay; Caron and Kay 1992) in both sterilised and unsterilised soils (Utomo and Dexter 1982).
Highly dispersible silica is now further improving tire performance when applied in non-tread areas such as tire sidewalls.
Suominen has expanded its offerings to the flushable wipes category through the launch of Hydraspun Dispersible Plus, a new range of substrates for the global wipes market.
WACKER has developed a novel dispersible polymer powder for modifying cementitious and gypsum-based dry-mix mortars.
as well as our readily dispersible filtration control polymer Platinum PAC 832.
Plantic biopolymer film is a high-amylase cornstarch-based product that is renewable, biodegradable, home-compostable, water dispersible, and compostable to ASTM 6400 and EN 13432 standards, the company says.
This company produces state-of-the-art binders and polymer additives in the form of dispersible polymer powders and dispersions.
a leader in oral dispersible tablet (ODT) technologies with its patented Pharmaburst and Pharmafreeze(TM) platforms, recently announced the launch of Pharmaburst 500.
Arkema's Nanostrength MAM group currently consists of M22, a highly dispersible grade for use in epoxy adhesives, composites, and electronic applications.
A low foaming liquid, it is easy to use, readily dispersible in cold water and can be applied at the wet end of production or sprayed onto the surface.