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Wacker dispersions and dispersible polymer powders are needed in sectors such as construction, paints, coatings and adhesives, for example for formulating high-quality tile adhesives, cementitious waterproofing membranes, energy-saving external thermal insulation composite systems, and low-odor, low-emission interior paints.
Screening of 15% sulcotrione dispersible oil suspending agent
Soline de Cayeux, Business Development Manager at Rhodia, said: "The new Zeosil 1085GR is a Very Low Surface Area (VLSA) highly dispersible silica technology.
BIBCOL has set-up the facility for production of dispersible zinc tablets with financial support from Department of Bio-Technology.
Tablets are chewable or dispersible in water and dosing is weight-dependent.
The tendency of clay to disperse is an important property of soil, and it has been suggested that values of dispersible clay should be collected routinely for assessing the impact of new management practices on soil properties (Rengasamy et al.
Contract notice: provision of development and manufacturing services for a dispersible mini-tablet form for the general agency of health products and equipment (ageps)
The technical facility serves as a development and testing laboratory for dispersible polymer powders and dispersions, which are used as binders for the regional building, paint, coatings and adhesives industries.
The technical facility serves as a development and testing laboratory for dispersible polymer powders, which are needed as binders for the regional building industry, and find application in dry-mix mortars for concrete applications, tile adhesives, and sealing slurries.
Rockline's Deising agrees that consumers are not well aware of the difference between dispersible and flushable, but efforts like those by INDA and EDANA as well as new technologies in the market are allowing his company to expand its range beyond moist toilet tissue into other areas like kids wipes or feminine hygiene wipes.
4 pounds) per calendar year for source material in a dispersible form or being processed.