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QT dispersion analysis was carried out by selecting a view of all the 12 leads of ECG from 24 hours Holter monitoring which was devoid of artifacts.
Finally in a separate set of experiment we treated the GO solutions in all these solvents with surfactant (Sodium Cholate) and sonication (400 Hrs) to see the dispersion behavior.
The high-performance FS-DCM-XXX Fiber-Based Dispersion Compensation Module cancels out distortion from optical signals that have traveled long distances over standard single mode optical fiber (G.
Fiber having small positive dispersion is suitable for short distances because of modulation instability in positive dispersion in long distance transmission and fiber with small negative dispersion is suitable for long distance transmission [16].
The project goal is to ensure sufficient capacities for the strong demand for Vinnapas VAE dispersions now and in the years ahead.
Dispersion is the 'smearing out' of light of different colours due to differential refraction as it passes through our atmosphere.
For example Michalski (2006) and Novak (2009) evaluated the change in stability of liquid dispersion due to ageing by means of comparing the viscosities.
Waveguide dispersion is caused by physical structure of optical fiber core and cladding (refractive index profile), and as a result different wavelengths propagate at different velocities in the core and cladding.
La dispersion pasiva se tiene cuando el gas en dispersion muestra comportamientos de flotacion o inmersion en el aire.
6 g in water 1200 g for 3 h to form a uniform white dispersion of anilinium-DBSA complex.
Colors are matched and finishes engineered for proper dispersion.
In a study, newly published in this issue of the Anatolian Journal of Cardiology (3), the authors investigated the changes in QTc and QTc dispersion in obese subjects after weight loss program with diet and medical treatment.