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Our dispersion compensators overcome the two most significant problems faced by traditional FBG manufacturers -- managing more than just a single channel, and managing the amount of distortion introduced onto the data being carried.
Chromatic Dispersion Compensators, in the form known by now, may become unnecessary for higher rate systems: all work will be done by the coherent receivers and DSPs, which will prevail in 100 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s transmission systems (though some 40 Gb/s systems may still be using direct detection).
It is compatible with 50GHz ROADM technologies and, combined with tunable dispersion compensators (TDCs), can be readily deployed in DWDM networks engineered for 10G non-return-to-zero (NRZ) modulation formats.
These commercially available prototypes include tunable dispersion compensators based on fiber Bragg gratings.
Willner, a renowned authority in optical communications, founded Phaethon Communications, a designer and manufacturer of dispersion compensators for high-speed optical networks that was recently acquired by TeraXion.
a leading component vendor to fiber optic equipment vendors, is winning new markets for its Tunable Optical Dispersion Compensators (TODC).
At the same time, tunable dispersion compensators have emerged; still a tiny market, but likely to prove essential as 40 Gbps deployment ramps up, opening up new revenue potential for a variety of tunable optical mechanisms.