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Admitting that the final round of elections presents voters with a serious dilemma of dispiriting choice between two candidates who both may not honour the people's demands, Yahya Dakrouri, chairman of the Egypt's State Council and former chair of the Judges Club, fears not victory of either candidate "because simply people are watching and judging and having the final say, so no worries.
Playing in an almost empty Millennium Stadium is a dispiriting experience for John Toshack's Wales players
For example, they escape for the most part the dispiriting disputes over evolution and biblical inerrancy.
Niki Rule, regional sales manager at the four-star hotel in Main Street, Ansty, said: "It can be dispiriting sitting inside a conference room working hard while the temperatures are rising outside.
It's good to see such thoughts revived but dispiriting to find them advanced as if they had news value.
based documentary filmmaker Velcrow Ripper, is an alternately stirring and dispiriting film, as jangled and self-cancelling as the filmmaker's name, which feels like a pun about adhesion and tenacity that gives way to and then cancels out the violent deconstructivism of his surname.
He said: ``It's dispiriting, we're absolutely gutted and to lose in that manner is hard to take.
I guarantee you will find relief in these dispiriting times of mediocrity and malfeasance in the business world.
But its inert interior with regimented galleries, incomprehensible circulation and some dismal lighting, is dispiriting.
In fact, Ethiopia boasts a tradition that is at once grand and chequered, glorious and heartbreaking, at once a tapestry of impressive achievements and dispiriting failures.
Please note that it is the exclusive reliance on the objective, physical, quantitative aspects of life which has been the dispiriting feature of our culture in the last century and the major failure of our health care system.
As a member of the teaching profession which endeavours to instil at least the basics of English grammar into our pupils I find it very dispiriting that a newspaper which regards itself as one of the leading broadsheets, certainly in this area, should fail to notice so abysmal an error.