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Furthermore, dispiritingly few Sasanian fire-temples have been subjected to systematic archaeological investigations and none of these has produced any figural ornamentation in situ.
The 'right to have rights'--in Hannah Arendt's memorable phrase--is clearly as fragile as it ever was, as the swelling number of stateless and internally displaced people dispiritingly demonstrates.
There's nothing new under the sun: not book plots, not phrases, not even with ideas--as Alfred North Whitehead suggested dispiritingly, Western philosophy is merely a series of footnotes to Plato.
Dispiritingly, only those who have left front-line politics dare utter them in public: Michael Heseltine, Paddy Ashdown, Peter Mandelson and, for that matter, Liddle.
Somewhat dispiritingly, it holds that large-scale reform is highly improbable at this point.
And yet, dispiritingly, little appears to have changed, when it comes to football's attitudes to sex and sexuality at least.
But most dispiritingly for both sides, 36 per cent said they didn't trust either of them.
Dispiritingly, both for Poles and for those who will follow them to Britain, these local successes do not register nationally.
Mobile, Alabama in autumn feels mutable, sunshine floating down on its filigreed iron railings and azalea gardens, then, suddenly, dispiritingly humid.
At the very least, it makes for a dispiritingly repetitive, one-joke movie.
Thankfully, the standard of work displayed by artists including Alison Wilding, Rose Gibbs and Polly Morgan was comfortably strong enough to transcend that dispiritingly mawkish aspiration, instead demonstrating a depth of talent and vision that bodes well for the future of British sculpture.
Chinese trade practices are themselves far from blameless, but Mr Obama's decision, taken in the face of increasingly aggressive Republican criticism of Beijing, is a dispiritingly short-sighted way of addressing them.