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Yet if these ancient books, the logic primers, plays, and histories, are cast by the poem as dispiritingly remote, as those which are so dead that they can come into the present only through exhumation (cf.
The brief's framing of the relationship between religion and the judiciary was dispiritingly consistent with the campaign rhetoric that had delivered the Bush administration to a second term just weeks before.
In fact, Martynov's music is dispiritingly static, obtusely minimalist with all the vitamins taken out.
McGowan's Coloring the News is a far more substantial examination of media bias, dispiritingly detailing how diversity has corrupted journalism.
He seems to be capable of juggling multiple identities on the surface while retaining a sound core of personal and academic integrity (I hope he will forgive this attempt at friendly analysis from this distance); and these characteristics stand him in good stead as the sort of historian who can deconstruct and dismantle without making the whole enterprise seem dispiritingly meaningless, alert as he is to shape-shifting and the power of different angles of vision to seem to alter the nature of what is perceived.
England, 11.45pm - 1.25am) Leslie Phillips has trouble keeping his pants zipped up in dispiritingly sleazy slapstick addition to tired series 1965
In short, Corthell has given us a book that affects to know its stuff (that is, the stuff of our self-reflexive era), but which offers what is in the end a dispiritingly claustrophobic portrayal of its 'subject', in the most open sense of that word.
Set in Russia of the early 1990s, several of the stories depict dispiritingly low, degenerate life.
Political culture after 1991 was 'dispiritingly unserious' (p.
They show how human values can be injected into commonplace and sometimes dispiritingly reductive programmes.
Business Week said recently he thought Knight-Ridder's margin of 12.5 percent in 1995 was "dispiritingly slim." Which is it: too high or too low?
They introduce their book with a dispiritingly long list of aspects of the history of British sexuality which are omitted from their agenda.