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In addition, blocking experiments yielded a very weak displaceable binding, which did not vary with the level of aggregated [alpha]-syn.
The maximum coal-fired generation and emissions that may be displaceable by existing NGCC plants is estimated in Table 3 and Table 4.
interlined, corrected as if their words were mortal, alterable, displaceable at pleasure!
(29) Thus, even if theft were totally displaceable, and murder were completely undisplaceable, governments would still maintain a higher sanction for murder since the criminal code reflects a type of moral menu of a community.
However, only a fine line exists between this fluidity of identity positions and the notion that people are displaceable, interchangeable, replaceable, and disposable.
Additionally, the clamping-force buildup system offers a laterally displaceable plunger with integrated pressure pad.
(10) Herbert Spencer spoke of an "overflow of nerve-force" (1863) (11) and Freud introduced the concept of displaceable or sublimated energies (1920).
The bucket-handle tear of the superior labrum extends into the biceps tendon in Type IV lesions, leaving portions of the labral flap and biceps tendon displaceable into the glenohumeral joint.
Mark Borski, general manager of the Flex-Light sleeve business, explains that the "performance sleeve" is covered with displaceable urethane, which he describes as "a high performance flexo platform.
(By ontopology we mean an axiomatics linking indissociably the ontological value of present-being [on] to its situation [...]) All national rootedness [...] is rooted first of all in the memory of a displaced -- or displaceable -- population.
For IAAs, a radioisotopic method that calculates the displaceable insulin radioligand binding after the addition of excess nonradiolabeled insulin (226) is recommended.
An apparatus for continuously produced pressed board has a structuring belt in the form of a metal wire screen which is fed with a respectively endless steel belt and the wood-based mat passing through a continuous press whose heated upper and lower press platens have the belts guided there along via rollers displaceable along closed paths.