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Fleeing burning villages and for fear of their lives, 28,634 people have been displaced to Bunia, Ituris provincial capital, in the last couple of weeks.
The majority of those displaced, some 62 percent, are being hosted by their family and friends while others are using unsuitable shelters.
In its most recent report on Sudan (December 13, 2015), OCHA again uses the figure of "100,000 newly displaced.
Looking more deeply into where these displaced Syrians are moving, data show that the majority of Syrians who consider themselves displaced may be more likely to remain close to their original home.
In February 2003 Vrountou applied to the migration authorities for a refugee card as her mother had been displaced from Skylloura.
The international community is to get acquainted with the volume of the support needed to face up the harsh conditions of the displaced people and those who are hosting them as well as those in need for help," he added.
In Datu Saudi Ampatuan, 1,062 families were displaced and 939 families evacuated in Guindulungan.
Speakers said their party had been serving the displaced persons of FATA from the first day and pledged to continue providing all sorts of facilities to them.
He said that provision of help to the IDPs will be continued till the success of war against terrorism and rehabilitation of the last displaced person.
Phelim Kine, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch said that the Pakistani government should address the needs of displaced people in order to avoid disastrous consequences.
The government has yet to provide assistance to the internally displaced people (IDPs), relying instead on NGOs.
refugee agency repeated Tuesday its call on the Myanmar government and displaced Muslims in the western state of Rakhine state to hold dialogue following fresh violence.