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I understand; you are displeased at the silence I have preserved on the subject.
Miss Crawford was glad to find a family of such consequence so very near them, and not at all displeased either at her sister's early care, or the choice it had fallen on.
Nicholas, for the first time, felt that his mother was displeased with him and that, despite her love for him, she would not give way.
You are displeased, Rosa, my sweet girl, with my loving flowers.
I am not displeased with your loving them, Mynheer Cornelius, only it makes me sad to think that you love them better than you do me.
Mercury, displeased at his knavery, not only took away the golden axe, but refused to recover for him the axe he had thrown into the pool.
And if Swift was displeased at being made only a Dean, the Irish people were equally displeased with him as their Dean.
In reality, though she certainly hated her own son--of which, however monstrous it appears, I am assured she is not a singular instance--she appeared, notwithstanding all her outward compliance, to be in her heart sufficiently displeased with all the favour shown by Mr Allworthy to the foundling.
Stiva is staying a long while in Dolly's room, thank God," Anna added, changing the subject, and getting up, Kitty fancied, displeased with something.
While most people say they would be neither pleased nor displeased if a black, female or a candidate over 70 were elected, the remainder are much more likely to say they would be pleased than displeased by the election of a woman (by 37% to 11%) or an African-American (by 30% to 11%).
He is displeased over increase in line losses, they added.
He read me a crossword clue in the middle of it, and I just wanted to throw a saucepan at his head" - Actress Sophie Winkleman was displeased with husband, Lord Freddie Windsor, during her labour pains.