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He said the President was displeased that frequencies given to company Connectivity Unlimited Resources Enterprise (Cure) would have to be 'bought back' by the government.
Furthermore, he said that Farrooq Sattar was displeased over the reaction within the party particularly on social media which prompted him to rethink his decision on the alliance with PSP.
VHG4Yb4xETK) Ocean Up reports that after Selena Gomez found out a Pre-AMAs interview she had gave some limelight to her ex, Justin Bieber, the former Disney star was displeased.
A giantess aging three times the normal rate, Celia Doom experiences firsthand the horrified harshness of a world displeased with her appearance.
He read me a crossword clue in the middle of it and I just wanted to throw a saucepan at his head" - Actress Sophie Winkleman was displeased with her husband, Lord Freddie Windsor, during her labour pains.
There is no enmity, but I am displeased with work of Chief of Bishkek Service.
In 2009 ( manifesto), the BJP had already included it," he said, replying to questions on whether the BJP would face desertions from any of the allies or if they would be displeased.
I am displeased with how your magazine continues to cut down the Glock pistols.
Pharma industry giants are joining hands to address an issue that's long displeased drug-makers; how to improve the way in which experimental drugs are checked so they can be approved, and reach patients, quicker.
Professor Higgs is an atheist, and is displeased that the Higgs particle is nicknamed the 'God particle'
Sources further said the national team management was displeased with Afridi's behaviour in the ODI and T20 series held recently in Sri Lanka.
I have lived in Coventry all of my life and never have I been as displeased with the city centre as I am now.