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Whether it pleases him or displeases him, I must maintain my rights and Ada's.
You would hardly believe, however, how the injudicious conduct of the aristocracy in this respect displeases certain clear-sighted personages at the palace.
Speak for yourself, my lord," interrupted Buckingham with vexation; "for my part, I displease her royal highness to such a degree, that I appear absolutely nothing to her.
It was painful to her to disappoint and displease them, particularly to displease her brother; but she could not repent her resistance.
There's no reason we should be near people who displease us or whom we displease, thanks to our money.
Players normally fall over themselves to anoint Wimbledon as the most special tournament, but Paire told French sports newspaper L'Equipe: "I'm not at all sad to leave this place where the atmosphere displeases me greatly.