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Peter Isaac, of Clopay, Cincinnati, OH, one of the conference organizers since the first Disposability Conference in September, 1989, pointed this out at the most recent gathering.
Lynn Neuman, director of New York City-based Artichoke Dance, became preoccupied with single-use disposability after she started wondering about waste and who was responsible for it.
Li, Wang, and Cui (2016b) employed Network SBM with weak disposability and strong disposability to evaluate the efficiency of 22 international airlines during 2008-2012 and found strong disposability was a more reasonable way in treating undesirable outputs.
One important consequence is the emergence of what are called disposability pockets, which refers to people who live around open-air garbage dumps waiting for some informal work to come their way, or around sewers and improvised migrant shelters.
This study uses the Data Envelopment Analysis to measure the agricultural environmental performance under the assumption of natural and managerial disposability, but also evaluates the Returns to Scale and Damages to Scale in Latin America and the Caribbean during 2012.
Attuned to the ways in which some feminist critiques of surrogacy reinscribe an orientalist discourse of "third world women" victims, Pande depicts the surrogates' everyday resistance strategies, as well as their multiple effects: what she calls "the puzzling dual nature or the aporias of resistance," which "complicate notions of domination and subversion." For example, surrogates counter their "disposability," as workers and as mothers, by resisting the idea that they engage in immoral, "dirty labor"--distinguishing surrogacy from sex work or selling one's children.
The sense of transience, of disposability lends to the songs etherealness -- both it and the relationships it documents are only here for a moment.
As Tina Chanter points out, Margaret's profane approach to the dead mirrors the mining company's attitude toward the living men who work in the mines, showing "how far capitalism requires the working class to play the role of a dispensable subhuman category of workers whose disposability is necessary for the maintenance of capitalism" (98).
He makes the point that all organisms create waste, but it becomes "the useful input for other organisms." When humans created synthetic materials, however, they "broke this natural harmony." Szaky believes that the consumer bears much of the responsibility for waste because of their penchant for disposability. For example, consumers are accustomed to disposing of items that are no longer fashionable or have outlived their usefulness.
Against the tide of disposability and style without substance, we need to shift towards more conscious modes of consumption to reassess what we actually need.
In an attempt to be realistic, the game impresses upon you the sheer disposability of the Russian army that you command.