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In developing the Cargocube, the Arena IBC team began with the features of more modern cardboard systems, such as low cost, disposability and the avoidance of initial capital investment in containers.
Contract award: Framework for Disposability Assessments.
Category-wise, eco-friendly diapers and nappies are emerging, following environment safety issues raised over their disposability.
The Cleveland-based market research company points to ease-of-use, disposability, portability and reduced risk of cross-contamination as reasons why these nonwoven wonders will continue to resonate with consumers and in professional settings.
The current single, ``Breathe,'' features Keith Flint's same numbing vocal, but a cheesy '70s-styled wah-wah guitar riff and rumbling bass line lend it charm - if not totally removing its inherent disposability.
Through MWare, a family of paperboard material solutions, MWV offers a versatile range of high-quality food service materials that include features such as disposability, convenience, compostability and portability.
Efficient packaging solutions offer benefits like ease of use, disposability and enhanced user experience.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Framework Agreement for Disposability Assessments.
And so a life that communicates a bit of what God is like is a life that doesn't give up, that doesn't settle down with a culture of waste and disposability - whether with people, or with things.
It reflected on a culture of disposability and planned obsolescence at the same time that it called attention to the lure of novelty and fashion (paradoxically, people took note of the outfit precisely because of its banal material).
It also has to do with the disposability of our culture.