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In 1996/97, the richest fifth of households had an average disposable income of PS48,939.
Skates said: "Gross disposable income figures are an important measure of economic well-being as they show the amount of money people have left to spend once they have paid their key bills.
Paper will continue to be the most sought-after material for production of disposable cups, revenues from which are projected to soar at 6.
In a word, it was a depth research report on Global and China Disposable sterile catheter industry.
According to Schick, the new disposables incorporate the following innovative features:
One type of disposable systems is a Wave bioreactor (GE Healthcare), a customized system that uses rocking rather than a stirring motion to provide the agitation needed to suspend the cells and ensure good mixing.
Matt Boot, chief analyst at KDB, said, 'For the UK as a whole, the average disposable wealth per household is currently almost pounds 39,000, a sum that has grown 9% year-on-year, and 3% quarter-on-quarter.
IV, catheterization and related products will remain the largest and fastest growing disposable medical supply product group, with demand increasing 6.
The Agency is seeking comments on the requirements outlined for reusable and disposable industrial wipes and the no free liquids standard.
North American consumption of disposable baby diapers has also been threatened by a decreasing birth rate.
Non-degradable disposable diapers can sit for decades in landfills and require significant amounts of plastic and pulp.