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Country: United States of America
State: Georgia

Hi, my live-in boyfriend for 2.5 years leaves 7 months ago from today and leaves a coffee table his mother had given him and some little sentimental items of non value. He left 1 week before rent was due and owed me about $2000. Also, my credit is now destroyed. Will it be against the law for me to now sell the furniture he brought here (1 coffee table, 1 couch, 1 end table)...he says he can sue me for theft, but I have given him ample opportunities to get it over 7 months Now.


You normally need to try to give 30 days notice in writing that you intend to dispose of the items; and then also inform the local police what you are doing as well. After that you should be okay. You may sue him in small claims court to collect on what he owes you...
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Mendoza also called on people living in communities near forests or within watersheds to be extra careful in the disposal of items like lit cigarettes that could trigger fires that pose a serious threat to the region's environment.
"Payment covers both collection and disposal of items, and the more items that are collected at one visit reduces the cost per item.
Northumberland has the highest charges in the region for the collection and disposal of items such as furniture, fridges and lawnmowers - but the fees are still far lower than elsewhere.
Greater scrutiny must be applied to the sourcing, storing, distribution, and disposal of items; and the lifespan of those items can include years of redeployments, repair, and upgrade programs.
After the war he worked for the UN's International Refugee Organisation, supervising the disposal of items looted by Nazis.
It also includes the maintenance of all facility equipment such as boilers, heating and ventilation systems, and water treatment, as well as the disposal of items such as metal scrap and swarf to the factory gate.
The bulky waste collection helps with the disposal of items such as sofas, chairs, tables and washing machines.
Local, state and federal law requires the proper storage and disposal of items, such as oil, coolant, tires and batteries.
Innov8 operates a free IT collection service for companies to comply with current regulations concerning the disposal of items like computers, old fax machines and batteries.
Wood three years ago violated state procurements laws governing the disposal of items worth less than $5,000 by putting out to bid a 1986 surplus truck and not disclosing that the truck had a replacement engine installed in 2001 that increased its value.
New Hampshire's definition of e-waste is less encompassing than about 17 other states, which have more stringent laws regulating disposal of items ranging from cell phones to video games.