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368(a)(2)(H)(ii) and instead provided that, in determining whether a transaction qualified as a divisive D reorganization, the fact that the shareholders of Distributing dispose of all or part of the Controlled stock is not taken into account.
a Virginia firm that specializes in disposal of highly explosive wastes, to inventory the chemistry department's stores and dispose of them.
After installing RTI's system, restaurant employees can fill fryers, filter cooking oil and dispose of waste oil with the flick of a switch, virtually eliminating the previous hazards and inconveniences of handling cooking oil.
However, the amount and character of the loss carryforwards increase in significance when the taxpayer is planning to dispose of the property.
The role of the Sanitation District is to construct, operate, and maintain a regional system to collect, treat, and dispose of wastewater and to provide for management of solid wastes.
T now decides to dispose of his interest in limited partnership A, a passive activity.
NASDAQ: SPLS), the world's largest office products retailer, has introduced its own line of Staples Brand shredders to make it easy for customers to safely dispose of sensitive information.
355 is that the shareholders of the parties must not have a plan or intention to dispose of the stock of either corporation after the distribution.
E[acute accent]"The SteriMed system offers a means by which local, sometimes remote, medical facilities, such as these dialysis clinics, may safely, economically, efficiently and conveniently dispose of their infectious medical waste on-site," said Elliott Koppel, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.
Thayer Capital Partners is very pleased with its investment in the Fund and has no current intention to reduce or dispose of its ownership interest.
will dispose of their waste into the WCA owned Oak Grove Landfill located in Arcadia, Kansas.
As consumers and businesses upgrade their PCs to enjoy new capabilities and increase productivity, many are unsure about how to responsibly dispose of old equipment.