disposed of

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We therefore, who are the registers of that lottery, shall imitate those sagacious persons who deal in that which is drawn at Guildhall, and who never trouble the public with the many blanks they dispose of; but when a great prize happens to be drawn, the newspapers are presently filled with it, and the world is sure to be informed at whose office it was sold: indeed, commonly two or three different offices lay claim to the honour of having disposed of it; by which, I suppose, the adventurers are given to understand that certain brokers are in the secrets of Fortune, and indeed of her cabinet council.
It was disposed of to a bookseller, it was even advertised, and why the business proceeded no farther, the author has never been able to learn.
The pickaxe first struck upon a kind of black earth, six inches in thickness, which was speedily disposed of.
Of unexpected obstacles there was little account; and with regard to foreseen difficulties, they were speedily disposed of.
Najam said that everyday 11,000kg wastage of public sector hospitals is disposed of in the provincial capital.
Earlier, hospital waste was being burnt and dumped manually, he said and added that after installation of new incinerator the hazardous waste could be disposed of according to scientific methods.
ISLAMABAD -- Although almost eight months of time have passed after the May 11, general elections, the Election Tribunals had disposed of only 167 out of total 405 election petitions.
According to the instructions I cannot put this in my domestic bin and it has to be disposed of correctly.
More than 265 bins were safely disposed of as part of the free Dispose of Unused Medicines Properly project which was organised by the HSE South and community pharmacists in Cork and Kerry.
Islamabad: Pakistani courts have disposed of a record 330,000 cases in the month of June after implementation of a new judicial policy.
Northumberland County Council's Trading Standards has set up a collection point where farmers can take their drowned sheep to be disposed of.
Although each project generates small quantities, it is estimated that 15,000 cubic yards of scrap materials from small construction projects were disposed of in the KAFB Landfill in 2003.