disposed to believe

See: credulous
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Recent work in cognitive science of religion (CSR) is beginning to converge on a very interesting thesis--that, given the ordinary features of human minds operating in typical human environments, we are naturally disposed to believe in the existence of gods, among other religious ideas.
The irony is it's only now he seems to be upset I feel disposed to believe him.
Americans are culturally disposed to believe that our might is both right and the most effective way to accomplish our ends, seldom considering the possibility that we might have gotten there sooner by friendly means and without the destructive consequences.
A must be disposed to believe a content that consists of a singular perceptual-demonstrative mode of presentation m in predicational combination with C when the perceptual experience that makes m available presents its object in a red' region of the subject's visual field [in appropriate conditions
Play is a reality which the child is disposed to believe in when by himself, just as reality is a game at which he is willing to play with the adult and anyone else who believes in it.
Most Americans are temperamentally disposed to believe that Big Oil is behind the whole thing, giving the nod to Saddam to take over Kuwait and thus, without much delay, double oil prices.
But Spinrad says the observers are willing to let natural objects be what they are: "We are not disposed to believe everything we are told.
Crude, probably irrelevant demonstrations like the 1952 experiment are convincing to people who are already disposed to believe that the chemistry of the universe and thus that of the early earth tended inevitably toward the generation of life.