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"The LCA confirms a multitude of research and validates that food waste disposers are more than just convenient - I like to think of them as an environmental appliance," said Tim Ferry, president, InSinkErator.
Garbage disposers and grease are the two biggest contributors to clogged sink drains.
Coun Derek Prodger, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: "With money tight, we hope this cashback scheme will encourage more of our residents to buy food waste disposers.
"And that the collector could charge them a comparative fortune to cover the cost of a long haul to a disposer who in turn faces nothing but additional cost for breaking down the carcase," Ms Haywood added
Besides dehumidifiers, only three categories logged declines in April: built-in gas ranges were down 4.3 percent, disposers fell 14 percent and compactors declined 3.6 percent.
Homeowners enjoy greater control and confidence in the kitchen with In-Sink-Erator products like food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers.
Kitchen food waste disposers (aka garbage grinders, installed under a kitchen sink), approved for use in all New York City residences in late 1997, are now eligible for a tax rebate under the City's J-51 real property tax exemption and abatement program.
But it may do little to remedy the major flaw in our recycling policy -- namely, the failure to spell out the responsibilities of producers and disposers. Until these responsibilities are clarified under the law, we won't be able to put the brakes on mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal.
Such fee, surcharge, duty, tax or other charge shall immediately be passed through to all County Waste Material disposers in the form of a Tipping Fee increase ...."
Tenders are invited for "Supply of original consumables, supply of compatible consumables / substitutes / for printers and MFA for the needs of the Municipality of Varna and the secondary disposers in separate positions" Lot 1: "Supply of original consumables for printers and MFA for the needs of Varna Municipality and the secondary "item 2" Delivery of compatible consumables / substitutes / for printers and MFA for the needs of the Municipality of Varna and the secondary disposers "
The inventor and world's largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and steaming hot water taps for home and commercial use will also showcase its full range of high performance commercial food waste disposers and pulper systems, as well as its latest fully-programmable water control saving panel.
CAP says more cars are expected to enter the market during the next few weeks as confidence among disposers continues to grow..

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