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I note Barry Smith's suggestion that Aquinas's term dispositio rei is a forerunner of the modern logical term Sachverhalt or "state of affairs.
This dispositio [fatum dicitur dispositio] (92) may very naturally be identified in single instances with the dispositio or habitude that must exist between mover and moved if the one is to move the other [i.
Not even the illusion of a comprehensive or faithful chronological account is granted; there is no pretense that the juxtaposition of events is part of a transparent, continuous narrative: the events only appear so thanks to a trick of poetic dispositio, a trick that our narrator is compelled to reveal.
1) "Dico quod potentia passiva non est frustra in natura, quia etsi per agens naturale non possit principaliter reduci ad actum, tamen potest per tale agens dispositio ad ipsum induci, et potest per aliquod agens in natura id est in tota coordinatione essendi vel entium--puta per agens primum vel supernaturale complete reduci ad actum" (Duns Scotus 1950-2005a: 45).
23) Read in context, this Burke line means that the form of the drama--its dispositio and elocutio (two rhetorical canons meaning "arrangement" and "style," respectively)--has to be a function of the psychology of the audience.
O Grupo [my] (1987, 1993), dentro de seu complexo formalismo, soube reconhecer a imagem como um codigo autonomo com status identico ou superior ao da linguagem verbal, dada a sua maior universalidade; no entanto, tambem apenas se ateve as suas formas expressivas, precisamente as figuras elocutivas, sem reconhecer o que ha antes e depois; fora de sua analise, ficaram a inventio, a dispositio, a actio e a memoria.
Dentro de su noesis novelesca, la dispositio, es una de sus caracteristicas medulares, presentando una fuerte estructuracion tripartita externa parte-capitulo-parrafo: "la division de la novela en partes, de las partes en capitulos, de los capitulos en parrafos, dicho de otro modo la articulacion de la novela, la quiero muy clara" (Kundera, El arte 100).
An important dispositio n in the conduct of science is that it is better to go without an explanation than to settle for an inadequate one (Bachrach, 1972; Hegde, 2003).
I would myself describe Agricola's book as a demonstration piece, an "oration" about mechanisms in visual form: the part is more significant than the whole, and the book engages simultaneously in a spectacular display of both inventio and dispositio by composing new assemblages of parts suitable to different hypothetical situations.
See CORBETT & CONNORS, supra note 46, at 256-92 (detailing schema of arrangement "that the Greeks called taxis and the Latins called dispositio.
Benassi si sofferma su idee portanti come la dicotomia fra bellezza sensibile e metafisica, similitudine, proporzione e simmetria, inventio, dispositio, phantasia, lux e lumen e perspectiva, per portarne alla luce le origini filosofiche, la storia e la rilevanza nel corso dei secoli.
Smith wisely limits his subject matter to Rabelais on one end and Montaigne's Essais on the other, situating poetic, dispositio in Du Bellay and Belleau in the middle, along with emblematic fable books.

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