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Bank of Cyprus' Legal Advisor Dr Polys Polyviou, speaking at an earlier AGM did explain that only a Court Order would be able fully to re-instate the dispossessed shareholders (presumably including Convertible Bond Holders ).
As a child in Croatia I watched my country being dispossessed of liberty through year after year of partisan occupation and each conqueror was quite oppressive and different.
and, rather than either dispossessing others or being dispossessed by them, as in the old blessings and curses, builders and growers will benefit from their own labors (v.
The move appears to be an attempt to get dispossessed landowners to surrender their title deeds.
Founded 13 years ago by homeless activist Ted Hayes as an urban refuge for dozens of dispossessed men, women and children, Dome Village will close this week -- unable to afford a sevenfold rent hike on the one-acre-plus parcel.
The North is no longer just dispossessed Aboriginals and transient workers and misplaced Francophones.
In these difficult times, ZaatarDiva, both personal and grounded in world events, provides an empowering voice for the marginalized and dispossessed.
On the one hand, social historians sought to recapture the lives and experiences of the working class and other dispossessed groups.
Nelson's visit to the black village of Triolet in Mauritius provokes thoughts of African legacy and the lives of the dispossessed.
The figures sweetly derange any straightforward political program by invoking various others: They become hoboes representing those dispossessed by Operation Freedom as well as America's own homeless.
Castro's nationalization of private property generated thousands of dispossessed claimants.
Meanwhile, the black poor--homeless, separated from loved ones, dispossessed, it seemed, from the face of the earth--shuffled from one ludicrous and inadequate sports stadium to another, or they took up living like carrion under bridges on interstate highways.