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In short, as far as repairing the disasters created by the deep-rooted dispossessing policies is concerned, Turkey has a very, very long way to go.
Nigel Jemson missed from two yards but Rodgers scored on 63 minutes after dispossessing Billy Jones and the Brummie set up Steve Jagielka to net three minutes later.
But the Taliban is merely paying a long-due tribute to imperialists by continuing the campaign of dispossessing nations of their history through perennial "interventions.
Buying up farms and manors, putting the screws on tenants who owed him back rents and then dispossessing them for non-payment, amalgamating parcels into house lots, developing turnpikes, investing in spas, and generally irritating his new neighbours by ignoring the cultural codes that had held their rural communities together, Mr Caleb Dickinson is an all-too-familiar modern capitalist shark.