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Dispossessed farmers who were poor prior to dispossession are only entitled to restitution of relatively low value property, while those victims who were wealthier prior to dispossession receive more.
If men held title to the majority of land prior to dispossession, restoring title will not increase the gender equality of land holdings.
47) If land inequality caused the conflict that resulted in dispossession of the land, the failure to transform the unequal land distribution undermines assurances of non-recurrence of displacement and dispossession.
First, we will describe how land dispossession arose and is structured, as well as the institutional and contextual challenges to land restitution in Colombia.
This mass dispossession of land has occurred in a country where agrarian reform has repeatedly failed, leaving land ownership highly concentrated.
The continuing conflict and its enabling conditions create problems both for the immediate security of those trying to obtain land restitution and for those attempting to provide credible assurances that displacement and dispossession will not recur.
In general, the actions in this period attempted to protect IDPs as well as prevent forcible displacement and dispossession, but a lack of institutional coordination limited their effectiveness.
124) They identify the people at risk of property dispossession and employ similar measures to prevent illegal property title transfers.