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19) Claiming that she consulted at least twenty original sources, Barnes explains why she felt the research necessary: "The lack of intelligible chronicles has left the early history of the red men imperfect; the prejudice and injustice of their dispossessors have too often falsified or obscured their traditions; and the various dialects and rapid disappearance of many tribes render perishable the historic songs some rude Homer may have chanted.
The Black Hawk of Life, like Apess in Son, takes up sentimental language and situations in ways suggesting that Native Americans feel right and act right while their "civilized" dispossessors do not.
The ambiguous nature of Asian/Aboriginal relationships is perhaps best summed up by Indigenous writer Melissa Lucashenko: 'As targets of enormous racism themselves, other [people] of colour in Australia share an affinity with indigenous [people]; as non-indigenous people, however, they too are our dispossessors and must come to terms with their own colonial role.